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Scene of the accident with the Toyota. The Toyota is in the approximate spot where our van was first parked (though we didn't park on the sidewalk).

San Jose, CA

One of those “Oops” Moments

Sep 25, 2013 by Arthur

What do you do when the unexpected happens? In our case, we had parked the van and were in a store when a Toyota decided to take our parking place.

Accident in San Jose
The Toyota with smashed front end sits behind the van with damaged rear end

It was quite a surprise when we came out of the store and saw that our van was out into the roadway a bit and had been pushed about a car length from where we had left it. When we arrived at the scene, the driver was nowhere to be found, but within 15 minutes she reappeared from trying to get information from apartment dwellers as to the owner of the van. She didn’t try to deny her fault in the accident and assured us that her insurance company would take care of all repairs. So we did have contact later with the insurance company who directed us as to finding a repair company and who also provided a rental car and lodging while our car was being repaired. The whole of the repair was estimated to be about a week and a half. Two companies gave estimates on repairing the van. One company said it would be around $14,000, and probably more. A second company said it would be around $5,500 and maybe a little more. Both companies had high reviews and both were recommended by the insurance company. The problem was that we couldn’t go over $10,000 to repair the vehicle because then the insurance company would consider it “totaled” and would give us a cash settlement. But, we didn’t want a cash settlement because we wouldn’t be able to replace the car for that amount of money. The car is currently being evaluated and we should have a more definitive answer in a day or two.

But, the accident did give us an opportunity to let our light and love for Jesus shine. Bonnie took the opportunity to pray with the woman who was driving the Toyota and we believe that this alone left a witness with her. Since we didn’t have any injuries and the Toyota driver also was without injury, we were able to focus that this is just a piece of machinery and can be replaced, if that’s the direction God has for us. But, there were a number of decisions that we had to make and we were very glad that we still felt a part of our former church family enough to ask them to pray for God’s wisdom for us in this situation. And, we believe that God is answering those prayers. We don’t yet know the outcome, but we do know that God is always in control of all things that happen to His people, and we are His people. God gave us peace and His direction in the decisions we had to make immediately. And we’re confident that He will continue to do that through the whole of the experience.

This is an excellent opportunity for us to allow God to use the experience to make us more conformed to His image. We are told that we should not let our hearts be troubled and to keep believing in Jesus who loves us and provides for us.