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Music Introduction

From the earliest days of Johnson City Alliance Church, the church has been blessed with music from various sources. God brought special people to the congregation, some of whom were quite talented and willing to use their talents to sing songs of praise and worship to assist in the congregation's worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

From the very beginning of the church meeting in the Recreation Center in downtown Johnson City, the church congregation started a volunteer choir under the direction of Harris Rees. After leading the choir each week for the next four years, Harris stepped aside and Dick Martin was asked to lead the music ministry and he faithfully served for over 25 years. Most of the special music during that time was recorded due to Dick's encouragement to have an audible record of music presented by the church. These recordings are now in the hands of the Joyces and they are presented here for any who are interested to hear and be blessed by the hearing.

If you would like to hear some "old-timers" of Johnson City Alliance Church, you can check out these groupings below:

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