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  • STEALTH CAMPING: This link takes you to and it’s actually where we got our inspiration for traveling the country, as we’ve been doing. Anyone can do it for a mere pittance of what you might think is necessary. However, while the Vanabode site indicates that you’ll be able to do it for less than $20 per day per person, IMO that amount actually needs to be adjusted somewhat based on how many miles you’re trying to cover each day and the cost of gasoline to fuel your vehicle. Of course, you also can’t expect to eat out every day or take in all the tourist attractions that abound out there. But, it will allow you to see much of God’s awesome creation without causing you to go broke. The cost of the electronic book is well worth it and the tips given will truly help anyone who would like to give this lifestyle a try. Plus, …there are free lifetime updates to the book. You can purchase the book through Amazon. The book is called "Vanabode: travel and live forever on $20 a day". Just click the title of the book to get it.
  • JOHNSON CITY ALLIANCE CHURCH: This is the church where we ministered for 34 years. We include it here because it’s still very special to us and we love the people who make up the body of this congregation. We are so grateful for the years God gave to us in Johnson City, TN.
  • GOD'S WORD TODAY RADIO CLIPS: When radio station WHCB 91.5FM came on the air in 1984, God’s Word Today was the first local "program" to contract with the station to provide a daily "program" that aired from 7:05 AM to 7:15 AM. The Johnson City Alliance Church underwrote the cost and we enjoyed a great relationship with the founder and manager of the station through the years. When retirement from JCAC approached (2013), I made a decision to conclude the "programs." This link is a random sampling of the “programs” I made during the latter years that the program aired. (Emphasis has been place on the word "program" because I felt strongly that the ministry was not a "show," which to me implied something purely for entertainment purposes.)
  • SERMON ARCHIVE: There are only 56 audio sermon files surviving from over 34 years of ministry at the Johnson City Alliance Church. These have been put into an archive to access for those who would be interested in hearing a random sampling of Art's pulpit ministry at the Johnson City Alliance Church between 2011 - 2013. It is our prayer that you will be ministered to as you hear God's Word preached.
  • TOZER DEVOTIONAL: Dr. A.W. Tozer was a Christian and Missionary Alliance pastor who was well known for his speaking and the many books he wrote. "The Pursuit of God" and "The Knowledge of the Holy." The devotionals connected with this link will not only show you the depth of spiritual understanding that Dr. Tozer had but they will allow you to look into the mirror of your own soul to see the reflection that is displayed. Is it Christ or is it yourself?.
  • SIMPSON DEVOTIONAL: We, along with many others, have been impressed with the founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Dr. Albert Simpson. He was man of God with a heart for missions and the devotionals connected with this link will undoubtedly be a blessing to you.
  • ART'S ENERGY: This video was produced by the Johnson City Alliance Church on the occasion of my retirement as pastor of the church. Greg Neal is portraying me and he captured many of my "quirks" and "sayings" as he sought to identify me in the video. It was hilarious and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Some folks have commented on my use of the terms "expressway" & "program" (in reference to the radio ministry) as well as making things like Hobo Stew, not being able to always have my remote control while preaching work like it was supposed to, and my love of our fresh home-roasted coffee. Take a look! Have a laugh! It's not at my expense, it's at my delight!