New Leaves

Know God and His Plan

To know God and His plan for your life and to have the assurance of a future life after death is the most important subject anyone will ever face in this life. That's why it's important that we make a page on our website such as this. We can "WOW" you with pictures of beautiful places but if that's all we do, then we have missed that which is a matter of life and death and have substituted that which is merely temporal for that which is eternal.

In many of our blog articles we have talked about our Creator God and the glorious things He has done for those who live on this planet called "Earth." And while He made this Earth for human beings to enjoy, there is so much more that He has for those who will come to Him in faith. He wants to have an individual relationship with each of us. So, this page is for those who may feel an emptiness within them that can't be filled with beautiful scenery. It is for those who may question whether the Creator God is really a God who takes a personal interest in them and whether He has time for their problems and questions. It is our hope that you will find that abundant life God has for us and that it is worth living with God each day of our lives here on Earth, because Jesus, the Son of God, does indeed love you and has a wonderful plan for your life.