New Leaves


Jul 27, 2013 by Bonnie

Chicago and Robie House

We spent Friday and Saturday in Chicago, wore out our feet, and in the process saw many amazing buildings and constructions. Millennium Park and the Loop were on Friday’s agenda, with Robie House and the University of Chicago campus on Saturday’s. From “The Bean” to Trump Tower, the Chicago Cultural Center to Robie House, we were impressed with all that is Chicago, and realized that one could spend months there and still not scratch the surface of this amazing city that literally rose from the ashes of the Great Fire.


May 30, 2013 by Bonnie

An Urban Adventure

This article is called “An Urban Adventure” but perhaps “Adventure” is the wrong word to use. It should perhaps be “Nightmare.”


Mar 06, 2013 by Arthur

Proverbs 16:18

Hmmmm….I wonder what is meant by that reference? I suppose it has something to do with a lesson learned, or something like that.


Mar 06, 2013 by Bonnie

Juniper Springs Adventure!

Remember that line from the old TV show, 3-2-1 Contact—“The Tropics are HOT?” Ahhh, not so much.


Oct 16, 2012 by Bonnie

“Shakedown” Trip

Our “Grand Adventure” has finally begun. Oh, I know, this is just a “trial run” but it does seem like a beginning. The church dedication yesterday was a milestone. From now until Feb. 3 we live in two worlds. I feel kinship with Grandpa Doten today.


Sep 03, 2012 by Bonnie

A New Adventure

I really can’t remember when or how the idea of taking a retirement trip began in form in our minds. But as it developed, I began to realize that, for me at least, there’s probably a genetic component.