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Chief Justice Clarence Thomas

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Time to Speak Out

Mar 06, 2021 by Bonnie

Censorship by the media of anything not in alignment of the "accepted narrative" has reached epidemic proportions. During Black History Month, Amazon closed off access to the documentary "Created Equal," an excellent biography of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, in his own words, only because he was on the wrong side of their agenda. I watched the whole thing and it was excellent. I tried to share this opinion on Facebook, and was also censored. So I am posting the link here, on our own site.

Please watch it, especially if you are not a conservative. You have few opportunities at this point to hear "from the other side." But there should be no "other side" when referring to freedom of speech and conscience.

Here is a link to the documentary on, where you can watch it for free. Thanks to tubi for doing this. I think I may have found an alternative site for watching videos.