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Beautiful Toccoa Falls at night with lights - photo credit to our friend Ralph Rollins

Toccoa Falls, GA

TFC Homecoming 2015-

Oct 15, 2015 by Arthur

The native culture called Toccoa Falls “the beautiful.” It is located on the campus of Toccoa Falls College, our alma mater, where we lived early in our marriage, in a mobile home park on the college grounds. After three wonderful years, in 1975, we both graduated from the college.

This fall, we went to Georgia primarily to attend the annual homecoming ceremonies and to attend our 40th college reunion. It hardly seems possible that it has been forty years since we attended school there. Since our daughter and her family live just down the road from the school, we have often been in the area, and have occasionally stopped to visit the campus of the college that God used to prepare us for our Christian life and ministry.

The waterfall is a 186 foot unbroken cascade, slightly taller than Niagara Falls, from what used to be a lake on the top of the mountain. That lake is now gone because in the fall of 1977 a heavy rain storm brought more water than the earthen dam above the falls could handle and it failed in the middle of the night. That disaster claimed the lives of 39 people, many of them our friends, who were taken from this earth in a very brief time. But each one who lost their life that night is now with our Lord Jesus Christ in the place that He has prepared for them. Every one of them had come to a place in their life when they repented of their sins, accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, and received the gift of eternal life, and in 1977 they took up residence with Jesus in His kingdom. It is our prayer that no one who reads this would leave this world without the assurance that they will also be with Jesus for all eternity. And if you don’t have that assurance please click on the link, at the top of this page, called “Know God” to learn how you can be assured.

Visiting the school during Homecoming brought back many memories for us. The campus has changed a lot since we graduated in 1975, both in physical buildings and in personnel in ministry at the school. The mission continues to be the same: to equip men and women to be servants of the Lord in every walk of life and to train those men and women to minister as God’s calling rests upon them.

We were able to visit with several of our friends and to renew acquaintances with those we aren’t able to see very often. And we were reminded that there is a bond much stronger than a shared college experience, that holds us together. We rejoice in knowing that we are a part of a family of followers of Jesus. And we look forward to some day meeting some of you who read this blog. But, if Jesus should come before that happens…we’ll meet you in the air!

Ice Sculpture
Homecoming Ice Sculpture
Homecoming Group
The Paulos, The Smiths, & The Joyces. Notice how we still look the same as in 1975!
Homecoming Smith
John & Peggy Smith
Homecoming Paulo
Joe & Bernice Paulo
Homecoming Bartmas
Rick & Connie Bartmas
Grads 1975
Art & Bonnie with Bryan & Brenda at Toccoa Falls College graduation 1975
Grace Chapel
Grace Chapel on the grounds of Toccoa Falls College
Gate Cottage
Gate Cottage: entrance to the waterfalls at Toccoa Falls College