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Dot and I with brother Garry, 1979

Flamingo, Everglades NP, FL

Small World

Aug 08, 2014 by Bonnie

When we were in the Everglades earlier this year, we enjoyed attending the ranger-led talks. At one of these, the ranger asked that each of us tell what state we were from. The lady next to me said that she was from Vermont, so afterward I asked her where in Vermont she called home. When she said “Calais,” I knew she was from my sister Dot’s neck of the woods.

I told her that my sister lived in Calais also, and liked to act in amateur theatricals there. Then I went on to tell her about my Aunt Lucia, who was known in those parts for her artwork, and my grandpa, who lived most of his life in Michigan, but returned each year to Calais, the place of his youth. Then the lady said, “Yes, but who is your sister?” When I told her Dot’s name, she said, “Ever since you said your sister lived in Calais, I’ve been thinking ‘I wonder if it’s Dot Singleton.’” I was totally shocked. When I told Dot, she was shocked too. She told me she had only met that lady once. If you look at the photo above, can you see any resemblance between my sister and me? I never thought that we looked alike at all! But over the years, as we have aged, I suppose we have begun to look more alike. Even though we have been separated by nearly a thousand miles for most of our adult lives, the family resemblance is there underneath it all.

The lady from Vermont also told me that she thinks a lot of my sister because of the loving care she gave to their mutual friend. That really spoke to me. Dot has an amazing empathy for people and is quick to help anyone in need. I have always admired that about her, and hope that in some small way I can “look like” her in the way she cares for others.

I was seven years old when I realized that even as a child, I was a sinner and in need of a Savior. I committed my life to Christ at that tender age, and have been blessed to have good Christian teaching at home and at church, by precept and by example, ever since. I hope and pray that, in the many years since, I have grown to look more like my “elder brother” in the family of God, Jesus, at least a little. “Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own.” - Paul the Apostle (Phil. 3:12)

Dot and I with Garry, 2014