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Wyoming, MI

On the Road Again

Oct 18, 2016 by Bonnie

We are back on the road! Well, for a bit anyway. Most of you probably know that Mom Joyce passed away peacefully on September 19. We were glad to have her with us for seven months, and even though we thought it would be longer, we are glad that she is no longer suffering and is with her dear husband and older son. We are spending a few weeks in Michigan to visit Dave’s and Laura’s families and to scatter Mom Joyce’s ashes on Dad Joyce’s grave at White Chapel in Troy.

Here are a few shots of our trip up to Michigan. We took two days to do the one day trip, but used up all of our extra time the first day, so had to bypass Indianapolis and the rest of Indiana to get here in time to see Dave and Amy before they left for a weekend getaway, planned before our trip.

We left early Thursday morning, and accidentally headed north up US-23 instead of west on US-11W. We hadn’t taken that route recently, and it was no longer, so we just enjoyed the scenery. We had asked the Lord to direct our steps, and He did, even though we made a mistake!

Enjoying the sunrise behind us as we headed north. We also touched three states in around ten minutes—Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky,

Road Again 01

Thankful for our BP credit card rewards, as we filled the tank in Kentucky!

Road Again 02

Saw this sign in Kentucky. . . . uhhh, I think I’ll take Trade. One observation. I know we’re not in Hillary country, but we saw around 100 Trump signs and only one Hillary sign the first day.

Road Again 03

Heading across Hwy. 192, we saw this sign, and expected the worst, but it really wasn’t a bad road at all. On the contrary—at one point we were following a mountain range on our left, and a patchwork of small farms dotting the valley below on our right. We could have stopped for photos every mile or less, but resisted the urge.

Road Again 04

We did try to stop every hour or so to walk, and made a longer stop at Bardstown, Kentucky, which we had not visited before. It’s one of the oldest towns in the state, having been settled in 1775.

Road Again 05

One of the oldest buildings in town, the Old Talbott Tavern, was built in 1779. Daniel Boone and Abraham Lincoln were two of many famous people who have spent the night.

Road Again 06

While in Bardstown, we also spotted this window sticker, which gave us a chuckle.

Road Again 07

In late afternoon, we arrived at the crossing into Louisville, KY.

Road Again 08

Toward dusk, this bridge welcomed us to Columbus, Indiana, one of our favorite small towns, and home to several buildings designed by famous architects. The bridge appears a little blurry, and maybe that's because we were a little blurry by that time, but we enjoyed driving over it into town. We also enjoyed seeing how different some of our favorite buildings look at night.

Road Again 09

We spent the night at Walmart in Columbus, then headed on up to Michigan, with a stop for lunch at a place that reminds us of our childhood, when one of our few experiences with food not prepared at home was stopping after church on Sunday evening to pick up White Castles, 10 for $1.

Road Again 10

We arrived in Michigan right on schedule, and enjoyed granddaughter Emma’s 13th birthday party the next day! The theme of the party was “Around the World” and she decorated the cake herself.

Road Again 11

So, that's our adventure thus far. We're anticipating heading over to the east side of Michigan and then traveling north up to Dad Gardner's neck of the woods before returning to Dave and Amy's. How long we stay away depends on the weather. We are just grateful to be here in our home state and with seven of our twelve grandchildren!