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Angel and Jeremiah prepared lunch for us in their home in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

God’s Servants

Oct 16, 2013 by Arthur

Jeremiah and Angel are ministering for the Lord in an area that many people would prefer not to be. Living in Los Angeles, CA, their hearts beat for the many who are living without hope and without God while thinking they are doing just fine.

As we journeyed down the coast of California we had to take advantage of our proximity to Jeremiah and Angel Caleb as we passed through Los Angeles. The Calebs welcomed us into their home and shared a delightful meal with us as we chatted together over lunch. It was a refreshing time for all of us as we shared together concerning ministry and helping people to know and understand who God is and His love for them. We encourage you to hold our brother and sister in Christ before the Lord.

• Pray that God will give them wisdom and direction for those they are seeking to lead.

• Pray that God will provide a suitable meeting location for this growing church family.

• Pray that they will be encouraged in the work as people make the decision to follow after Christ.

• Pray that God will develop that core of leadership that is needed in every church structure.

• Pray that God will strengthen Angel as she continues her schooling. She has quite a load to carry.

• Pray that God will surround them with His angels and protect them from every attack of Satan.

• Pray that God will provide every need for them to continue serving until God’s purposes are fully realized.

As we have traveled we are always thanking God for those who are being directed by God in the ministries He has given them. Jeremiah and Angel are two such people that have felt God’s hand upon them. And we were blessed to be with them for a few hours.