New Leaves

Taking the highway through beautiful fall colors

Clarkesville, GA

Colored Leaves, Part 2

Oct 02, 2014 by Arthur

Leaving Vermont we headed a little north and then west across New York and Canada to Michigan. Heading south out of Michigan we continued to see many areas where fall was continuing its magic of transforming green clorophyl into golden reds and brilliant yellows.

We were able to enjoy one of the longest colored leaf viewing periods that we have ever had, as a result of “following the seasons.” Even as we traveled South out of Michigan and into Indiana and Kentucky, as we made our way back to Georgia, we were constantly being impressed with the beauty of God’s creation. Not everywhere we looked did we find photogenic scenes. But we did find reason to give thanks to God for His great love to us in allowing us to take this trip and to see His beautiful handiwork. To God be the glory, great things He has done!

Leaves to Ga-2
This is scenery to drive by (pun intended)
Leaves to GA-3
Neighborhood where we ate supper at a park
Leaves to GA-4
Like “find Waldo” only this is “find Bonnie’s Shoes”
Leaves to GA-5
Woods outside Nguyen home in Clarkesville, GA