New Leaves

Looking out from the Family Room to the field behind our house

Gray, TN

Between the Seasons

Nov 24, 2014 by Bonnie

Looking out my much-loved wall of family room windows, I see that most of the leaves are on the ground now. When we got home a week ago, there was still a lot of fall color, but it’s November. Soon winter will be here—we had a preview this week! I enjoy this view every day that I am home, no matter what the season or weather. Vivid fall color, crisp winter snows, budding spring greens, and even rainy, foggy days are highlights. But every day has its own beauty, even “in between” days like today.

I feel that I am “between seasons” too. Sometimes I think I’m between summer and fall, with my most glorious, colorful, fruitful days ahead. Other times I wonder if I’m between fall and winter, with my best days behind me. Only God knows what a day will bring forth, and honestly, I’m okay with whatever He sends. Does He love me more when I am full of color and vigor, bringing blessing to many people? Of course not. “The steadfast love of the Lord never changes.” It doesn’t matter if I have twenty or more years of good health and ministry ahead of me, or if I am about to be blind-sided by a crisis that will incapacitate me. It’s not about me! If I’m constantly worried about how much I’m doing for the Lord, that puts the emphasis on me, and not on Christ, where my heart should be. What a blessing to know that He is with me in every season of life, and whether He allows me to do little or much, His love never changes.