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Taken at Gill's Rock overlooking Ellison Bay, WI

Ellison Bay, WI

A Thumb or a Finger?

Aug 21, 2015 by Bonnie

It all depends on your perspective.

Recently, while we were doing the Lake Michigan Circle Tour, we decided to go up “whatever it is,” to see what we could see. It’s the little projection on the Wisconsin side of the lake. Not so little, it turns out. It’s about 60 miles up and another 60 coming back. Since the area comprises Door County, it’s called the Door Peninsula. It was an interesting trip, but all the way up, we discussed whether it was a finger or a thumb. By its shape, it looks more like a little finger. But when we got near the end of the peninsula, at Gills Rock, we started seeing signs for “Top of the Thumb” gift shop, and other similar signage. So the discussion is settled. It’s a thumb, because the natives call it such, and despite the inconsistencies of shape obvious to outsiders, “the thumb” it shall remain. When in Rome . . .

A larger question — what are we now, in the Body of Christ? Our vocationally-designated roles no longer provide the answer. Perhaps they never did. Are we a thumb? a finger? a knee? an elbow? Being retired has given us opportunity to reexamine our place in the body. Christ is still the head, and following His lead, we are trying to discern each day what He wants us to be and to do.

Back with our Michigan family again for a short time, we are enjoying that fellowship of family, and also in the church here, but soon we will be on the move again. Stay tuned!