New Leaves

David creates art while working at his computer

Wyoming, MI

Changes…for the Better

Jul 23, 2013 by Arthur

Not all change is bad. Some changes actually are good for us or help to bring light into darkness.

While we visited with David and Amy and their family in Wyoming, Michigan, David undertook the project of remodeling our website. Working with us in what we needed and would like to have, he overhauled the site and put it on line. The result you can see for yourself. It’s more of a minimalistic design than previously. But it has a class and beauty that shows David really knows what he’s doing.

We hope you, as readers, enjoy this new approach and that you find it easier to navigate through the various entries we have made and will make. We are very grateful for the hard work that David put into the design and coding of the site and our thanks go out to him for this enhancement.

So… change is not always bad! Just like our website, there are times when we need an overhaul and a little remodeling. We need to get rid of those things that don’t work together to accomplish our purpose, so we can focus more directly on what we want to do. Thanks again, David! We are grateful for your willing help.