New Leaves

Clarkesville, GA

Time for Work

Mar 17, 2013 by Arthur

It is now time to come in from the warmth of cool Florida to the semi-warmth of Georgia

We have arrived in Clarkesville, GA, just outside Toccoa Georgia, and will be in this area for a few weeks while we try to help complete work begun on a garage apartment for Bonnie’s mother, Madalynne. As can be seen in the picture accompanying this entry, the main construction has been completed and the building is now “dried in” and ready for some interior work to make it habitable. When we left Johnson City back on February fourth, our goal was to make a circular tour down into Miami (actually Homestead) and then back up to Georgia where we would work to make a more permanent home for Madalynne. Our blog entries may not be as numerous as they’ve been in the past few weeks but we will be picking up a little more come May or June.

In June Bryan and Vickie and their family will return for six weeks to introduce Andrew to the college in MN where he will be attending come the Fall. So the trip is for that specific purpose but there will also be a time to reunite with family and friends while they are here. We look forward to that time with them prior to our starting our trip out west to visit with our son and daughter-in-law, Daniel and Dia, and two of Bonnie’s brothers in Seattle and Vancouver. So, stayed tuned and we’ll pick up again soon. Our “musings”, however may still continue during this time of work projects and we hope they’ll be a blessing to all who read them.