New Leaves

The main room in Mom's new cottage

Clarkesville, GA

The Cottage

Jun 07, 2013 by Bonnie

Today the cottage for Mom is “finished.”

Why do I put that in quotes? If you’re a homeowner, you know. No house is ever really finished. We did the best we could with the things she already had, and new things that our budget would allow, and here’s the result. For more photos, click on the June link on the right side of the page; there are also new photos for May, showing the final construction, and our getaway trip to Allatoona Lake. We still need to hang her pictures, and add accessories and art, but it’s livable. Mom has been sleeping out there this week, and so far she’s doing well. Someone checks on her every morning, but she’s been making her own breakfast and staying busy arranging things. She still spends a lot of time in the “big house” during the day and evening, but now she has her own place to use as a retreat. Whew! It was a big job, but worth it. She has three rooms: living/kitchen, bedroom, and full bath, and lots of storage space, even a coat closet right inside the front door.

Art and Quang, with some help from Ben, did all the finishing, and they’re still working on outside stairs and landing for access to the attic area, which is floored, but still unfinished. So they’re busy with that project, but they hope to have the landing and stairs ready for use within a few days. Bryan’s family arrives on June 12 for a visit, so that’s the next big item on our agenda!