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Key Largo, FL

Taking Time to Reflect

Feb 25, 2013 by Arthur

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the everyday aspects of simply living out our day, that we lose sight of the amazing glories of our Creator God.

We had a marvelous experience that almost rivaled our experience of snorkeling in the Red Sea. We had the opportunity to do some snorkeling over a reef off the coast of Key Largo. Bonnie and I were “snorkel buddies.” It was great! We were given a few tips before we jumped off the boat and those tips helped a great deal in being able to take in the glories of the reef. We didn’t see the 6-foot barracuda that we were told was in the area (though some of our group did), but as we snorkeled around the reef holding hands and pointing with free hands at all the marvelous sights, it was truly a delightful experience. I wondered if it might be a foretaste of what Heaven will be. Will we be able to hold hands and take in all the glories of the heaven that God has created for us who are His people? I don’t know… but it’s fun to think about. We marveled at the creative genius of our God in making the fish, the coral, the underwater sights that many people will never ever see. And we remembered that He created them for the enjoyment of His people. We certainly did that! Seeing the many variations in color, patterns, and sizes of the fish swimming directly under us was a grand adventure.

I can’t help but think about the distinctiveness of the marine life and the distinctiveness of human life. Both forms of life were made by our Lord Jesus Christ. Why is it that we glory in the marine life but take for granted the human lives of those around us. Instead of giving thanks to God for the distinctness of people, we try to fashion them so they look more like us. I think God is showing me that I need to look more with wonder at those around me and realize that these people are created in God’s own image.