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Art standing in front of the welcome to Riverside sign

Riverside, IA

Space: the Final Frontier

Jul 30, 2013 by Arthur

That’s the opening line of most every Star Trek show. And it sorta fits this posting.

When we started our retirement trip we said, “we’re going wherever the wind blows us.” That’s not totally correct, but it does reflect the spirit of our trip. When we want to stop, we stop. When we want to eat, we eat. When we want to sleep, we sleep. When something catches our interest, we’ll try to follow that lead.

map Startrek
National Geographic U.S. Map

Such was the case when we were looking at the map of our country and saw that on the route we were taking was a little town in Illinois called Riverside. The map had a notation next to the town’s name that said, “Future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk.” Well! We just had to take a little side trip to check it out. And there in the middle of Iowa, if you can believe this, was Riverside, the future birthplace of Captain Kirk.

Vulcan Sign
Standing in front of the model of the Enterprise in Riverside

We enjoyed that little jaunt off the main road. Besides, what else is there to do in Iowa? (I can hear former and current Iowans crying out in disagreement to that statement). Was there eternal significance in our little discovery and visit? Probably not. But for most Trekers, you just can’t drive past something that calls out for you to stop and give the sign. It was. . .fun!

Live long and prosper, my friends!