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Trying to make a phone call at the Hoh Rainforest visitor center

Hoh RainForest, WA

So…This Is a Rainforest!

Aug 22, 2013 by Arthur

Imagine what your house and property would look like if there were 12 1/2 FEET of rain every year! I would imagine that you would probably have some moss growing on your roof too!

We didn’t get any rain the day we visited the Hoh Rainforest in Washington. But there was the thought of “what happens if that twelve and a half feet of rain comes all at once!” That didn’t happen. . .obviously, so we were able to enjoy the beauties of the forest without getting sopping wet.

The thing that really impressed us was the immensity of the trees in the forest. We’ve all seen pictures of trees like this, but to be “up close and personal” with such trees was an awe-inspiring sight. Just take a look at a few of the sights we came across as we walked the “Trail of Mosses” in the park.

Bonnie and Flat stand in front of a 270’ Sitka Spruce tree
Art and Flat are dwarfed on the Trail of Mosses
While hiking the trail we see a “sundog” (look it up) in the sky
Hoh Rainforest mosses

We also visited the Sol Duc Falls while we were in the forest. The hike was well worth it and Bonnie took a little video that precedes this posting that we encourage you to see. Trying to capture the immensity of the trees, with many of the trees being over 200 feet high, is a little daunting. But we try nonetheless and hope that you will catch a bit of our enthusiasm as we visited this area of God’s earth, and that you too will be able to see this with your own eyes as you may have opportunity.

Here are a few more pictures for you to enjoy! The captions try to tell you what we’re seeing. Oh! Flat was overcome with emotion, as you can see.

Bonnie and Flat hike the Trail of Mosses
Hoh Rainforest
Bonnie and her brother, Steve, on the Trail of Mosses
Art in awe at the trees of the forest
Top of Sol Duc Falls
Bonnie and Flat look over Sol Duc Falls
One stream splits into three falls at Sol Duc Falls
The chute at lower Sol Duc Falls as the stream comes back together