New Leaves

Salt Springs, FL

Salt Springs Baptist Church

Mar 11, 2013 by Bonnie

It’s always good to discover new brothers and sisters in the family of God, but this Sunday was a special treat!

We went to Salt Springs Baptist Church, where Patrick and Dana attend. We were very impressed. We miscalculated the time change, and in an attempt to not be late, we arrived almost an hour early. A helpful lady, whose name I don’t think I ever heard, showed us where the couples’ class was meeting, and all the way there, she was telling us how much they love their pastor and how much the church has changed in the four years he has been there. After hearing Pastor Eric, we understood. He is working through I Corinthians, and handled a difficult passage (chapter 14:26-40) by sharing the four main principles of church function [Edification, Education, Encouragement, Ease (peace)], without getting side-tracked by the volatile and sometimes divisive subjects in that chapter.

In addition to being an excellent Bible teacher, Eric has led the church into ministry in many different areas; Dana told me that virtually everyone in the church has a ministry of some kind, and that’s saying a lot, since probably half or more of the congregation is composed of snowbirds. The church schedule is full of opportunities to minister in home and overseas missions, local outreaches such as food pantry, disaster relief, ministry at local functions such as bikers’ rallies, clothing distribution, etc. In ministering to such needs, and showing that they care about people, they also are much more likely to be able to share the really good news of the Gospel of Christ.

As always happens (so far) when we visit churches, we felt an immediate bond with the family of God, and thank Him for the opportunity to expand our experience and taste a little bit of what heaven will be like.