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Manchester, CA

Resurrection Lily

Sep 22, 2013 by Arthur

Believed to have originated in Japan or China, the Resurrection Lily has simple leaves, which are not present when the flowers emerge from the crown. The leaves sprout and grow in the spring, then die back during June. Then in late July or early August the flowers appear. The flowers are white or pink and fragrant. The flowers spring dramatically from the ground in mid to late summer; it usually takes only four to five days from first emergence to full bloom.

As we kept driving, we passed a row of trees and as the trees ended we saw a sight where we couldn’t help but pull over to take a closer look. There before us was a cemetery filled with a host of Resurrection Lilies. The picture was clear: One day in this cemetery and in cemeteries throughout the world there will be a resurrection when the dead in Christ shall rise followed by those who are alive in Christ and both groups will be taken up to be with the Lord. This is a great comfort to those who have loved ones who have passed away whose faith was in Christ Jesus for their salvation.

Resurrection Lily2
Resurrection lilies blooming in front of a grave stone telling of the death of a two-year old

The understanding is particularly comforting to those who have lost a child. We found a gravestone of a two-year old who for unknown reasons to us, left life on earth. The blessed knowledge that those children who left this life before the age of accountability will find a Heavenly home prepared for them by Jesus, is a knowledge that brings great peace and calm to our souls.

It is our prayer that all who know Jesus as Lord, will let the beauty of Jesus be displayed to everyone who lives in this world that is suffering so much from the consequences of sin. We need to be conscious of the needs of those around us and give out the aroma of Christ in our every contact. And let us remember that we are not alone. Though sometimes we may feel that we are alone in being misunderstood by the culture that surrounds us, there are others who are attempting to let the beauty of Christ be seen. Let’s encourage one another to keep on keeping the faith and living the life that shows Jesus to those who are lost and living without hope.

Also, remember this: as we gather together with others who are letting Christ be seen in their lives, the beauty of the Lord can shine out to those without hope and some will turn their lives over to the Master Designer—Jesus. Let’s not spend our time trampling down other “Resurrection Lilies” but let’s join with others and let the glory of Jesus dazzle those who are watching us.