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The trees declare the glory of God and we praise Him!

Humboldt, CA

Redwood Giants.. . . WOW! (part 2)

Sep 22, 2013 by Arthur

When we thought that we had pretty much covered the Redwoods, we found that we had really only begun. The Redwoods to the south of the national park were actually bigger than the ones we encountered in the Redwood National Park. We discovered that Humboldt State Park would treat our eyes to even bigger trees than we had previously seen.

The sheer size of the Redwood trees can make any heart go pit-a-pat. Even those trees that have been laid down on the ground are testimonies of the grandeur of God. Take a look at the photos we’ve posted and be amazed.

Bonnie beside a fallen Redwood giant. Note how much the tree is over Bonnie’s height.
Bonnie standing at the root base of a fallen Redwood
Art beside the fallen Dyersville Giant. When it fell the vibration was felt 10 miles away.
Art giving praise to God for His glory displayed in the forest. The spots are rain drops on the camera lens
Art in front of the “Giant Tree.” What you see is ALL one tree
Looking straight up at the Redwood trees.

The tree that Bonnie is standing beside in the first picture above is in a grove filled with some of the largest Redwoods. Just seeing the difference in her height vs the tree’s height (or is it width - yes, I believe it’s the width of the tree that I’m referring to) shows just how big these trees are. But, even this tree is “small” in comparison to the “Giant Tree” in the fourth picture above. The tree is simply called, “Giant Tree” because that’s what it is.

We went into the grove to see the “Dyersville Giant.” The Dyersville came down during a wind storm, and it registered on a seismograph ten miles away. The Dyersville Giant can be seen in the third picture above. Wow! What a tree that was. You can see how I can’t even begin to show the “width” of that tree as I stand in front of it.

I think the thing that was really impressive was the root system of the trees. You can see in the second picture above how large the root structure is compared to Bonnie (No, not Bonnie’s root structure, but her size compared to the size of the trees). We learned that the Redwood has a rather shallow system of roots but that the roots grow over the other surrounding trees and intertwine themselves giving a strength that is able to withstand many storms of life. What a great picture that is of a community of Christians who support and encourage one another to keep growing in Christ.

You see in our title picture and in the fifth picture above that I’m giving praise to God for His glory in creation. If God is able to care for these trees, He certainly is able to take care of me too. And so as we looked up at the trees surrounding us, we marvel at who God is and what He has done. He has given us all things to enjoy and we are sure enjoying His trees.