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Main ticket counter at Omaha Union Station

Omaha, NE

Out with the Old and In with the New

Aug 01, 2013 by Arthur

There are many folks who would agree with that statement and who would apply it across the board. There are other folks who might agree with the basic thought but who would selectively apply it. But what’s the correct stance to take? Is there a correct stance?

We enjoyed a visit today to the Durham Museum in Omaha, Nebraska. The Durham Museum is housed inside the Omaha Union Train Station, built in 1939. Entering the station has a “WOW” factor. The massive structure with an Art Deco design is a wonder to behold. It captures the imagination and has a beauty all its own that stands the test of time. We learned that there are only two such structures that exist in the United States, one in Omaha and the other in Ohio.

With the gradual decline of people using trains to travel the country, stations such as this have been torn down to make way for other buildings and developments that are more up to date with the times. But, what a shame that such buildings are not around to be enjoyed by today’s generation and future generations as well. A sampling of pictures gives a hint of the “WOW” factor.

Train Station5
Entrance to Omaha Union Station
Train Station2
Checking the arrivals and departures
Train Station4
Art and Flat converse with some military waiting for a train
Train Station3
A little girl with a present on her lap waits for her train

So, why shouldn’t we bring down such structures in order to make way for those that more directly meet the needs of today? Well, maybe we should, but I guess I’m more of the one who agrees with the basic thought expressed in the title of this post, but who would selectively make decisions as to the value of such structures. And, in my own opinion, the Omaha Union Station deserves a place in our modern world as a showcase of an era gone by. It is worthy of a visit should you ever be in the Omaha area and have an opportunity to tour the facility.

So, can we also apply the thought expressed in the tile of this post to other areas of our lives? Perhaps we can and should. There are things, however, that cannot be dismissed simply because people have changed their thinking about certain issues from the way their ancestors thought about them. Certainly those things that are given to us in the infallible Word of God, the Bible, are timeless and need to be carefully handled by each of us. There are those items in the Bible that are not open to interpretation based upon our own culture or preferences. We cannot tear down or replace that which God says will “not pass away.” We have a responsibility to pass along those things to our children and our children’s children.