New Leaves

Sanding the ceilings and walls in the apartment

Clarkesville, GA

One small step for a man . . .

Apr 24, 2013 by Arthur

While Bonnie and I have been working for the past several weeks on Madalynne’s new living quarters, we’ve been a little negligent with our blog posts. So, I’d like to let you know of our progress.

Sometimes we don’t see much progress or we think our progress is slower than it should be. Such is the case with the work being done on the garage/apartment (or I should say, the apartment/garage, because the apartment is what is really motivating our work). The much needed heat pump sleeves finally arrived and were installed today and we now have heat and cooling in the apartment. The insulation (cough, cough) and drywall (pant, puff) have been installed and for the past week we have been mudding the drywall in order to mend the joints into a cohesive whole. Yesterday we finished the process of sanding (wheeze, wheeze) in the living room/kitchen, which is the largest room in the apartment and leaves the bedroom and bathroom to yet be completed in the mudding work. The sanding definitely caused heads to perk up when they got a glimpse of the ghost that worked to finish sanding the ceilings and walls. But, after a shower and change of clothes, the ghost became a living person. . .but extremely tired from the work.

The work has taken a toll on my body as I’ve lost about six pounds climbing ladders, slinging mud on the walls (fun, fun), and trying to get the work finished. We have appreciated your prayers very much during this process, with the need for more energy—using muscles awakened for the first time in a long time—and stamina to keep on going. Bonnie has not been idle as she has sanded and finished kitchen cabinets for the apartment, made selections of various shades of grey and yellow for the walls, and even helping the “ghost” sand some screw holes in the drywall. She also has been invaluable in keeping things going by sharing the cooking and shopping for the household.

Sometimes progress comes in small steps, while at other times we quickly see the distance we have come in a particular task. Like Neil Armstrong’s famous quote, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” we need to remember that it’s the small steps that continue to move us forward, however slightly, that really set the stage for bigger accomplishments to be realized. I’ve felt that way often lately as I’ve taken the little steps (not that I’m equating myself with Mr. Armstrong). And it reminds me of the importance of taking the little steps in my spiritual life too. During this time of my retirement, I’ve not noticed big changes in the picture of which God is painting of my life. But I have noticed the small steps and have been encouraged that I’m making progress.

I think that we all should keep our eyes on the goal and keep pressing forward. If we only see the immensity of the task, we’ll likely never begin. But if we just keep taking the little steps we will one day realize the distance we’ve travelled. And we will rejoice knowing that the Lord has given the strength and energy to go forward.

So what remains to be done in order to accomplish the current project? We have yet the tasks of priming the drywall, painting the walls, finishing the mudding of the bedroom and bathroom, installing the bathroom fixtures, kitchen sink, and water heater, installing flooring, kitchen cabinets and counter, pouring a sidewalk, and spreading gravel for the driveway approach to the apartment. Then we’ll be ready to move Madalynne into her living quarters and help her get acclimated to those surroundings.

There is still much work to be done, and we’ll just keep on taking those small steps. . .the goal is before us and we know we’ll make it. . .eventually!