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View from the visitor Center at Hurricane Ridge

Olympic National Park, WA

Olympic Mountains

Aug 21, 2013 by Arthur

Bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the east by the Hood Canal and on the north by the Strait of Juan de Fuca , the Olympic Peninsula is anchored by the majestic Olympic Mountains. No other place in America can match its diversity in terrain and weather in such a compact geographic area.

Olympics Trip
Flat relaxes on the way to the Olympics

While visiting with Bonnie’s brother and his wife, Steve and Marie, we were treated to a spectacular visit to the Olympic mountains. We didn’t encounter any bronze medal winners because all of the sites were gold medal quality. The views at Hurricane Ridge were simply astounding. I may be running out of adjectives to describe the sights we’ve been seeing in the Pacific Northwest, so please bear with me. Every area of our country is unique in its own way and worthy of appreciation for the diversity that we see. When confronted, however, with the gorgeous views and panoramas of areas like the Olympic Peninsula, we are overwhelmed with the creative genius of our Creator God and words simply fail us! The entire area is worth a visit whenever the opportunity affords. I really don’t believe anyone would be disappointed in spending time in the wilderness away from the cities built by Man and all of the electronic gadgetry that goes with any of our modern day living. Refreshing oneself surrounded by the handiwork of God can do wonders in relieving stress. We don’t worship the creation, however. We worship the True and Living God who created the wonders with which we are so taken. He created all of this for us to enjoy!

Deer in parking area of visitor center at Hurricane Ridge
Deer in bushes of visitor center at Hurricane Ridge
Looking out from visitor center at Hurricane Ridge
Olympic Mountains hike
Bonnie in front of Olympic Mountains
Bonnie and Art enjoying the heights
Reflection of a mound in Lake Crescent coming down from Olympic Mtns.
Flat and Socrates (Marie’s dog) got along well and both enjoyed the ride to the Olympics

Hurricane Ridge is the “photo op” location for tourists and locals alike. It’s difficult to take a bad picture there (however, if anyone can do it…I can) but it’s also difficult to capture the depth of the scene before our eyes. The drive up to Hurricane Ridge is a well maintained but curvy road that can often take your breath away as you proceed up the mountain to the visitor center. And once there we were surprised to see deer in the parking area and relaxing in the bushes. A short walk from the visitor center brought us to a wonderful overlook of the meadows and heights of the mountain range.

Leaving Hurricane Ridge was something we didn’t really want to do because it would be very easy to simply sit and view the scenery for hours. And our entire visit to the Olympic Mountains was of the same caliber. . .high merit and excellence worthy of our oft repeated phrase. . .“wow!”