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A stunning view of Mt. Ranier - we really don't have anything quite like it in Tennessee.

Pierce, WA

Mt. Ranier: Another Volcano

Aug 19, 2013 by Arthur

Just looking at Mt. Ranier you would never guess that this is an active volcano. But it is just as active as Mt. St. Helen was before it suddenly began to stir from its long sleep.

But, there need not be any fear that Mt. Ranier will suddenly and unexpectedly awaken while you’re taking a hike around its base. The mountain is being constantly monitored and the slightest hint of activity would be noticed long in advance of any major eruption. So, don’t be afraid to come and take a look at this majestic mountain.

Having arrived in Keyport, Washington to visit with Steve and Marie, Bonnie’s brother and his wife, we were off the next day to tour around Mt. Ranier. Just seeing the snow capped glory of this mountain is impressive. Perhaps that’s why we are always impressed with seniors who are “capped” with white hair. And maybe. . .that’s why I’m not so impressive. Nahhh! The hair has nothing to do with it. . .but I digress.

We headed out in Steve’s van for a full day of exploration around Mt. Ranier. The drive was much more than we realized because that mountain is much more than we realized. Just take a look at some pictures of our tour that day.

Mt Ranier1
Christine Falls on the way up to Mt. Ranier
Mt Ranier2
Narada Falls on the way up to Mt. Ranier
Mt Ranier3
Looking out from the Lodge at Mt. Ranier
Mt Ranier4
View of Mt. Ranier playing “peek-a-boo” with us