New Leaves

Salt Springs, FL


Mar 09, 2013 by Bonnie

One of the interesting people we met at Salt Springs Campground is Lori. She’s a retired schoolteacher who for the past two years has been seeing the country with her dog Angel.

Lori has traveled 50,000 miles in two years, sleeping mostly in her car, but sometimes in her tent, with Angel keeping her company. She has seen 45 of the lower 48 states in her travels, and plans to visit the last three (Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota) this summer. Her goal is to visit all the national parks, and being a former teacher, she also loves to visit places of literary and historical significance, especially presidential sites. She has been in a coal mine, a salt mine, and lots of other unusual places. She gave me a lot of good tips for simple travel. Looks like the kind of trip we’re taking isn’t so uncommon after all!