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Design Star

May 01, 2013 by Bonnie

Have you watched any of those design shows on TV? What does the designer always say to the skeptical homeowner? “Trust me, you’re going to love it. You have to wait until it’s finished to see the whole picture.”

Today we finished painting the living room/kitchen of Mom’s little house. Looking at this picture, you may be thinking “Huh? What on earth is she thinking!” But I’m saying “Trust me!” Unlike the TV designers, I’m not guaranteeing that you’ll love it. You may hate it, but there is a plan that’s not obvious at this point. Stay tuned!

You may be going through a time when you’re tempted to ask the Designer, “What’s going on? What are you thinking?” And it’s okay to ask, but ask in faith, and trust Him. God loves us, and whether you have given your life to Him or are afraid to do so, know that He does have your best interest at heart. Step out in faith, trust Him, and He will give you, in the words of Jesus “peace that goes beyond understanding.” Sometimes He shows us the plan, and sometimes we never do know the reason for the challenges He allows, but whether we can see the design or not, He says “Trust me, I’m not through with you yet. Wait until you see the finished picture!” Stay tuned—keep the faith!