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Viewing Devils Tower from a distance

Devils Tower, WY

Close Encounter of the Awesome Kind

Aug 06, 2013 by Arthur

Close Encounter, the movie, was concerned about aliens visiting us from outer space. They met with we humans at Devils Tower. Everyone was impressed by the humans. But in our visit to Devils Tower, we were impressed with the awesomeness of our Creator God!

Flat and Bonnie
Flat and Bonnie prepare to hike Devils Tower

Someone asked the question as to why they should make a trip to see rock jutting up from the ground. But after visiting Devils Tower they were firmly impressed. And we too were impressed by the site of the “rock jutting up from the ground.” Why? Because it reminded us of the creativeness and awesome power of our Lord and God! Bonnie and I walked around the base of the Tower and marveled at the massive beauty of this part of God’s creation. (Allow me to say that I am using the word “Awesome” in the correct meaning of that word. Truly the creation around us displays how awesome is our God - IMHO).

Driving to the Tower was an experience all its own as the Tower came into view. Closer and closer we came until we passed the entrance gate and peered up at the wonder of this creation of God. As we hiked around the base of the Tower, the massiveness of the rock formation gripped us time and again as we stepped up on huge boulders and viewed the glorious Ponderosa Pines that dotted the landscape around the Tower. We stopped often to take pictures and reflect on what our eyes were seeing and the glory of God that it represented to us.

Flat at Tower
Flat and Bonnie at the base of Devils Tower

After our hike we went back to our original site (as seen in the title picture for this post) to take in the Tower as the sun was setting. We got there a little late but the colors were still stunning and gave the Tower a different look then when we first saw it. It was an experience that we shall long remember.

Devil's Tower in Hand
The Tower as seen, perhaps, by the eye of God

Some folks may simply marvel at the natural beauty of this wonder of creation. Others, including many American Indians and some others, consider the Tower to be a place of spiritual significance and offer up prayers by leaving prayer bundles and artifacts tied to trees as they visit the Tower. But as Bonnie and I visited we were struck with the reality that God can hold this Tower in the palm of His hand, and He is mightier than the mountain, seas, and universe. To think that He cares about us…people of His creation…with a love that sent His only Son, Jesus, to die for our sins so that we might have everlasting life, causes us to give praise to His holy name and we look forward to being with Him throughout all eternity.