New Leaves

Clarkesville, GA

Brrrrrr. . .

Mar 22, 2013 by Arthur

Who said this is the “Sunny South?” Well, it might be sunny, but we need to go further South for the warmth!

When we came up to Georgia from Florida we knew that it was going to be colder than what we had experienced in Florida. And it was certainly less than “hot” in Florida during our time there. But we find ourselves facing temps in the 40’s and 50’s during the day and down into the lower 30’s and upper 20’s at night. And, if you’ve been following our “adventures” you know that we are “living” in our service van. The quilt that Bonnie put together has done wonders at keeping us warm through the nights. And the van has had some insulating qualities that has kept it from reaching the low point of the evening temps. But, the difficult part is actually getting into bed and warming up that “memory foam” topper on the mattress so it won’t be like a rock. And after about 30 to 45 minutes our body temps have warmed the bed enough that we feel quite comfortable throughout the night.

But. . .the day temperatures have not made it easy to accomplish the work we need to do on the apartment (which is the reason why we are in Georgia in the first place). That, combined with some delays in materials arriving have caused us to fall short of accomplishing our goals as we desired. And I know that we will get little sympathy from our friends in the cold North. However, we would ask for special prayers for us that we will be able to complete the project and that mom will be comfortable in it, after we move her from the Independent Living facility on March 29. The apartment will not be ready at that time to move her in so we will be moving her to our daughter’s home next to the apartment.

Here are some specific things for which we would appreciate prayer:
1. Pray that God will work upon those conditions that are delaying the arrival of the materials we’ve ordered and that they will be delivered quickly.
2. Pray that God will give wisdom in the decisions regarding what is essential and what can be delayed till a later time.
3. Pray that God will give us the strength and ability to accomplish the work that is needed, even though the weather may not cooperate.
4. Pray that God will continue to keep us healthy throughout the project.
5. Pray that God will give a peace and calmness to Mom as we make the move and during the transition time before actually moving into the apartment.
6. Pray that God will always receive all the glory and praise for everything that is accomplished.
7. Pray that we will be able to keep our eyes on Jesus throughout the project and be the witness and encouragement that is needed for others with whom we have contact.

Thank you for praying and for your interest in our travels.