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Bill and Cecelia at home

Homestead, FL

Bill and Cecelia

Feb 21, 2013 by Bonnie

It was great visiting with Art’s brother Bill and his wife Cecelia. They have a lovely home here in South Florida (Homestead) and they were happy to have us come.

We tried to be useful and helped with several projects (Art especially), for which they were very grateful. Their day-to-day life is quite challenging, since both of their mothers live with them. Art’s mom came to live with them almost nine years ago, and as the years have gone by, the scope of her life has become more and more narrow, until now she usually leaves her room only to shower, use the bathroom, and eat her meals. Cecelia’s mom, Carmen, is afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease, and her condition is such that there needs to be someone with her at all times, even at night. She has been with them about a year and a half. Bill and Cecelia both still work, and even though they have several ladies who come in to help at various times, it is still difficult. We are amazed at their patience and acceptance of the responsibilities given to them.

I think that our being there was encouraging to them, just having someone to talk to. And it was fun to see and hear Art and Bill interact. They have been together very little over the years, but their mannerisms and sense of humor are very similar. We both enjoyed our time there, and hope that we can continue to help in some way. At any rate, we hope that we can come back again.