New Leaves


Sep 23, 2013 by Bonnie

I Need a Tee-Shirt: “Survivor—Highway One!”

The ranger at one of the lighthouses we visited in California said “Everyone should drive Highway One at least once in their lives, and that’s enough.” We had already experienced enough of that challenging road to understand what he meant!


Sep 22, 2013 by Arthur

Redwood Giants.. . . WOW! (part 2)

When we thought that we had pretty much covered the Redwoods, we found that we had really only begun. The Redwoods to the south of the national park were actually bigger than the ones we encountered in the Redwood National Park. We discovered that Humboldt State Park would treat our eyes to even bigger trees than we had previously seen.


Sep 19, 2013 by Arthur

Redwood Giants.. . . WOW! (part 1)

Bonnie and I have heard from “our youth up” about the Redwood trees and how big they grow. They actually are taller than the giant Sequoya trees but they are only half the diameter at the base. Nevertheless, they are giants created by an even bigger God who delights in amazing His people.


Sep 17, 2013 by Arthur

Tree Giants

The California Costal Redwoods are gigantic trees that cannot easily be conveyed with still pictures or even with videos.


Sep 15, 2013 by Bonnie

Oregon Lighthouses

While exploring the Oregon coast, we made it a goal to visit all nine of the historic lighthouses on the Oregon coast—and we did it!


Sep 12, 2013 by Arthur

Newport Sea Lions

They kept calling my name. But even when I responded, they wouldn't quit calling me!


Sep 11, 2013 by Arthur

Octopus Tree Brings Surprises

We were taking a little hike to see the Octopus Tree. We didn’t really know what to expect and were anxious to get a glimpse of this wonder of God’s creation. When the tree came into view we were quite surprised by the shape and size of the tree. But that wasn’t the only thing that was a surprise to us that day.


Sep 08, 2013 by Arthur

Flat Makes a New Friend

It’s not often that Flat meets someone like himself: a “travel buddy.” But in Astoria, Oregon, Flat did just that.


Sep 05, 2013 by Bonnie

Far From Home

While we were at Fort Langley, two of the docents sang this song for us. Nette said this was one of the songs that was sung during the gold rush period. It struck a chord with us.


Sep 05, 2013 by Bonnie

This Must Be Vancouver… but Which One?

Did you ever lose track of where you were and what day is was? Trips like this can make that happen! Friday, August 30, we left Victoria (the capital of British Columbia, which is on Vancouver Island, confusing matters) by ferry from Swartz Bay, and crossed over to Vancouver (city) via the port at Tsuwassen, south of the city, arriving at my brother Jon’s home in south Vancouver in the early afternoon.


Aug 29, 2013 by Arthur

Ferries, Castles, and Gardens

When would a 39-room castle seem to be small?


Aug 25, 2013 by Bonnie

Definitely NOT Sleepless in Seattle!

On our last day with Steve and Marie, we took both their minivan and our van across Puget Sound to Seattle on the Kingston to Edmonds ferry. Then we left our van at Trader Joe’s in Lynnwood and all rode in their car down to Seattle, which was a good idea, since our van would not fit in the parking garages downtown.


Aug 22, 2013 by Arthur

So…This Is a Rainforest!

Imagine what your house and property would look like if there were 12 1/2 FEET of rain every year! I would imagine that you would probably have some moss growing on your roof too!


Aug 21, 2013 by Arthur

Olympic Mountains

Bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the east by the Hood Canal and on the north by the Strait of Juan de Fuca , the Olympic Peninsula is anchored by the majestic Olympic Mountains. No other place in America can match its diversity in terrain and weather in such a compact geographic area.


Aug 19, 2013 by Arthur

Mt. Ranier: Another Volcano

Just looking at Mt. Ranier you would never guess that this is an active volcano. But it is just as active as Mt. St. Helen was before it suddenly began to stir from its long sleep.